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What's New @ Michigan ORV Trail Guide

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This Page is outdated, please see our GPS Map Version Release History for a more current listing.

Updates for 5/19/14

Updated Old State House Trail
Added Ottawa East Route
Updated Denton ORV Routes

Updates for 8/7/13

Added Indian Gardens Route

Updates for 11/1/12

Updated Keweenaw Route
Added Pioneer Trail Route

Updates for 8/11/12

Updated Leetsville Trail

Updates for 3/18/12

Updated Alcona Trail. Added new Routes near Grayling/Frederic to Kalkaska systems.

Updates for 10/31/11

Updated Evart, including new re-route on southeast portion.

Updates for 10/24/11

Updated Grand TraverseSystem. Updated MCCCT between Boon and Grand Traverse. Updated Denton Creek Trail (Temporary re-route due to wet area that will probably be long term).

Updates for 8/20/11

Update Huron Trail map. Updated Bull Gap Trail Map. Added Alcona Trail Maps (new system).

Updates for 7/21/11

Updated images, videos and maps for Bill Nichols Route, Freda Grade Route, Hancock-Calumet Route. Added new Keweenaw Route. Updated maps for Atlanta Trail and Huron Trail.

Updates for 7/10/11

Updated Porterfield Lake Trail with new trail segments.

Updates for 6/3/2011

Updated maps for Kalkaska, North Missaukee and portions of MCCCT. Added photos and video for same (new and upcated Routes/Trails).

Updates for 5/9/2011

Updated map and added video/photos for Tin Cup system.

Updates for 8/24/2010

Updated maps for St Helen system (new and changed ORV Routes).

Updates for 7/16/2010

Added Mi-TRALE maps and information.

Updates for 7/5/2010

Added photos/video and updated maps for Pine Ridge, Two Hearted, Sandtown and Newberry-Rexton trails.

Updates for 6/27/10

Added photos and video for Indian River, Hunt Creek, Crapo Creek, Big Bear and North Branch.

Updates for 6/26/10

Updates for 6/23/10

Pictures added/updated for Pine Ridge, Moss Lake, Newberry to Rexton, Champion Republic, Bergland to Sidnaw. Major thanks to Bryan Much for photos.

Updates for 6/21/10

Updates for 4/18/10

Updated map for White Cloud.

Updates for 3/28/10

Updated maps for:

Updates 10/23/09

Added video for:

Drummond Island Trail
Drummond Island Route
Denton ORV Route
St Helen ORV Trail
Red Bridge ORV Trail
Bummers Roost ORV Trail
Black Lake ORV Route
Black Lake ORV Trail

Updated Maps for:

Drummond Island (trail & route)
Old State House (trail and route)
Huron Trail
Black Lake Route
Denton Route
MCCCT Afton to Tower
Meadows Trail

7/15/09 - Added video for Tomahawk system.

7/14/09 - Added Moss Lake Trail; added Thunderbowl Use Area

Updated Long Lake, Missuakee Junction, MCCCT near Boon.

Added info on partial closure of Old State House trail.

Updated Meadows and MCCCT trail, added video.

Updated St Helen #1 Trail

Lots of changes/updates in 2008...

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