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Trail is open to:

  • Motorcycles:OHM
  • ATVs: ATV
  • Full Size ORVs: FullSize

Note that some trail system may have multiple trails and each may be open to various vehicles - some may have trails open only to motorcyles that are paralled by another trail that's open to cycles, ATVs and on up to full size vehicles.

Trail Name
Pg# 19 (indicates which page to find this trail in our ORV Trail Map Book)
Width: 50" (width the trail is maintained to, in inches)
Length: 22 (length in miles of the trail)
Traffic: A Lot (level of traffic on average)
County Rds Open to ORVs: No (if county roads near the trail are open to ORVs)
Forest Rds Open to ORVs: No (if forest roads near the trail are open to ORVs)
Trail description and other relevant bits of info.

Map images are direct from our Map Books, just scaled-down lower resolution versions.

Photos are generally from a plain old Canon digital camera. Video is mostly from a helmet mounted unit from VholdR.

All editing is done on a Mac by VVMapping. We even made the music...

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