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Information on Michigan's ORV Trail System

Last Update: 2/1/2016

We want you to enjoy this recreational pursuit as much as we do. Over the years we've found that being well informed is the best approach to ensuring you have a safe, legal and most of all, fun time. Keeping on the trail and following the rules is the best way to ensure we all can continue to enjoy the great outdoors for years to come.

It's best to understand the rules, which include where you can ride, what equipment you need and more. Next find the trails that best fit your desired experience. A trail guide helps with that, which is listed below by trail. Each trail has a map and description of the trail. Some trails have photos and even riding video of that trail included. High quality PDF maps for each trails are linked as well, allowing you to download and print trail maps as needed.

Many counties have opened their roads, or some of their roads, to ORV use. There are additional rules and guidelines for accessing these roads. We have detailed information for each county ORV ordinance available, including maps showing which roads are open.

An overview map showing the trails will help plan your next trip. There is also a list of campgrounds, listing those that have trails accessible directly from them.

This information is also available in high resolution printed form in our Map Book of Michigan ORV Trails which includes the Trail Guide. This complements our GPS Maps of Michigan ORV Trails.

Trail Name

ORV Type
Trail Name
ORV Type
Alcona OHMATV   Iron River OHMATVORVFullSize
Ambrose Lake OHMATV   Kalkaska Trail &
Atlanta Trail &
OHMATVORVFullSize   Keweenaw Route ATV
Baraga Plains OHMATV   Kinross OHM
Bass Lake OHM   Leetsville OHMATV
Bay City Lake OHMATV   Leota OHMATV
Beaver Creek OHM   Lincoln Hills Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Bergland-Sidnaw OHMATVORVFullSize   Little Manistee Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Big Bear OHMATV   Little O OHMATV
Big O OHM   Long Lake OHM
Bill Nichols OHMATVORVFullSize   Marquette to Manistique OHMATV
Birch Hills OHM   Meadows OHMATV
Black Lake Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize   MCCCT OHM
Bull Gap OHMATV   Mio Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Bummers Roost OHMATV   Missaukee Junction OHMATV
Cedar Creek OHMATV   Moss Lake OHM
Champion Republic OHMATVORVFullSize   Mounds OHMATVORVFullSize
Coalwood OHMATVORVFullSize   Newberry - Rexton OHM
Cranberry Lake OHMATV   North Branch OHMATVORVFullSize
Crapo Creek OHMATV   North Missaukee Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Danaher Plains OHMATV   Norway OHMATV
Denton Creek Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize   Ogemaw Hills Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Devil’s Lake OHMATVORVFullSize   Old State House Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Drummond Island Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize   Ottawa East Connector OHMATV
Evart OHM   Pioneer Trail ATV
Felch Grade OHMATVORVFullSize   Pine Ridge OHMATV
Forest Islands OHMATV   Porterfield Lake OHM
Foreman Lake OHM   Red Bridge Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Freda Grade OHMATVORVFullSize   Rose City OHMATV
Frederic Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize   Roscommon OHMATVORVFullSize
Geels OHMATV   Sandtown OHM
Gladwin Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize   Silver Creek OHMATV
Grand Traverse Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize   Silver Lake OHMATVORVFullSize
Hancock OHMATVORVFullSize   St Helen Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Haywire OHMATVORVFullSize   State Line OHMATVORVFullSize
Holton OHM   Tin Cup Trail & Route OHMATVORVFullSize
Horseshoe OHM   Thunderbowl OHMATVORVFullSize
Hunt Creek OHM   Tomawhawk OHMATV
Huron Trail OHMATV   Two Hearted OHMATV
Indian Gardens OHMATVORVFullSize   West Higgins OHMATV
Indian River OHMATVORVFullSize   White Cloud OHMATV


Information regarding ORV use in Michigan

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