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Information for each version of the Appalachia ORV Trail GPS Maps

You can tell which version you have by:

  • Choosing "about MapSource", then clicking "installed products"
  • Noting the date listed on map image files.
  • Noting the information in the Read Me file (shown during the installer program as well as located in the C:\VVMapping\ folder)

Version 9.0.0 (11/30/23)

Added new system BraveHeart.
Updates to all Hatfield McCoy trails (adds/closures).

Substantial updates to Windrock, Brimstone, Royal Blue and Tackett Creek.

Updates to most Spearhead trails.

Various other updates/adds.

Version 8.0.0 (3/12/22)

Added new system Cabwaylingo
Updates to all Hatfield McCoy trails (adds/closures).

Version 7.0.0 (2/24/21)

Re-added Ivey Branch system
Re-removed large temp-closed section of Indian Ridge.
Removed temp-closed green 14 & 16 on Rockhouse.
Added new community connectors on Rockhouse, Devil Anse and Pinnacle Creek.

Version 6.9.0 (10/24/20)


Version 6.8.0 (11/24/19)

Added new Jawbone system.
Updated Coal Canyon and Ridge View systems.


50 Blue back to Black. Seems like this changes color on the HM map every other year.
Portions of 73 Extreme to Black.
Added ORV-Open Route 10 connection through West Logan.
Added new Blue 17, 11, 13 & 18; Black 89, 90 along with new ORV-Open Roads as part of Chapmanville connector.

Added new 11 green (war connector) and new ORV-open roads through War.
Changed 44 Blue to Green.
Warrior now connects to Indian Ridge/Pinnacle Creek.

Indian Ridge:
Added new 20 Green between Pocahontas and IR.
Note much of IR south of WV17 remains "temporarily closed". This area is in perpetual change, opening/closing on a regular basis. Obey closure signs. We are leaving in the "temp closed" trails in case the area is "temp open" when you are there. In fall of '18, the HM system maps showed it open and the signs on the ground showed trail-open traveling one direction and "closed" when traveling on the same trail in the opposite direction.
HM official maps: May '18: Closed, June '18: Open, March '19: Closed, June/July '19: Closed.

Devil Anse:
Added new 61 Blue
Added new ORV-open roads

Re-added formerly closed 25 Blue and 45 Blue
Removed 42 Blue

Version 6.7.0 (3/31/19)

West Virginia
Updated Warrior trail system.
Updated Trail 29, Welch connector from Pinnacle Creek/Indian Ridge.
Added new section of Trail 59 on Devil Anse.
Added new trail 18 on Pocahontas; note some temp closed trails on Pocahontas/Indian Ridge remain in our map, check local status with Ranger station.

Added new Hollerwood Park and Boneyard Holler trail systems. Note these were "barely open" when we rode/recorded the "trails". They both are in progress and adding/improving trails. There were no ratings or markings when we were there in fall of 2018. Most of the existing trails were extremely technical "outlaw" trails.

Updated Ridge View, Mountain View, Coal Canyon and Original Pocahontas systems including new trails.

Version 6.6.0 (8/31/18)

West Virginia
Added new Warrior trail system.
Added Trail 29, Welch connector from Pinnacle Creek/Indian Ridge
Updated Burning Rock with many re-opened, new and changed trails.
Updated Indian Ridge with many re-opened or re-classified trails.
Updated Devil Anse with re-opened trails.

Updated Rush Off Road Park, several minor changes.

Re-added and updated Dorr Run Loop; added Greendale Trails in Wayne National Forest.

Version 6.5.0 (1/29/18)

Added new RidgeView system.
Added new trails to Coal Canyon system.
Mountain View - Added single track trails; added Coeburn connector; updated several blue to black rating.
Added new RidgeView system (draft version).

West Virginia:
Added 171 & 172 single track to Buffalo Mountain.
Removed closed sections of Devil Anse.
Removed closed sections of Rockhouse.
Removed closed sections of Bear Wallow, added new extreme sections, updated ratings of several trails.
Removed closed sections of Indian Ridge.

Minor updates to Windrock.

Version 6.2.0 (11/24/16)

Updated Coal Canyon and Stone Mountain, including new trails.

Removed closed Wilderness Trail system.
Added Mine Made Adventure Park (Leburn/Knott County)
Added Wildcat Adventure Park (London)

WV, TN, OH: No Changes

Version 6.1.0 (6/24/16)

West Virginia:
Added new Devil Anse trail(s).
Updated BearWallow to Logan to Country Roads Visitor Center/Parking Area.

Updated Wayne National Forest systems Hanging Rock and Monday Creek (all trails).

Version 6.0.0 (5/5/16)

Major internal revamp, improved routing and other features.

West Virginia:

Removed closed Little Coal and Ivy Branch

Updated Blue 41/42/43.
Updated 12 & 17 Green.

Added 45, 94 and 87 Extreme
Re-Added 16, 26, 32, 31 and 33 Blue; 96, 97 & 83 Black
Added Logan/Fountain Place Mall connector (5 & 10 Green)

Burning Rock:
Removed 99 Black
Added 14 Green; 168 & 169 Orange


Added Spearhead Stone Mountain (draft) near Pennington Gap VA

South Carolina:

Added Carolina Adventure World, near Winnsboro SC


Added Doe Mountain (draft), near Mountain City, TN

Updated 71 Red to Blue; 32 Red to Blue; 32 Re to 18 Blue; 17 Red to Blue; 1G to 15 Red; 35 Red to Blue; 19 Blue to Red; 3 Blue to Red;
Added G30; B2
Removed closed B 77/78/79/80

Version 5.9.0 (8/4/15)

Added "Rush Off Road" Trail System in Kentucky
Added Spearhead "Coal Canyon" Trail System in Virginia (to be updated fall 2015).

West Virginia:

Added new 41/42/43 Blue Trails (note will be updated fall 2015)
Moved 12 Green back to Hwy 80
26 Black to 26 Blue
28 Black to 40 Black
Removed 13B, 15G, 40K, 42B

Version 5.8.1 (12/24/14)

Added Spearhead "Original Pocahontas" Trail System in Virginia

West Virginia:

Minor color change (back to original rating) and re-add section of previous trail
16 Blue to 13 Green
16 Blue to 16 Green
Re-added section of 13 Green

Moved 12 Green back off Hwy 80
40 Blue to 40 Black

Ivy Branch
38 Blue to 38 Black

Version 5.7.0 (4/10/14)

Updated Wayne National Forest, adding Superior Trails and removing closed Trail from Monday Creek (part of Dorr Run).
Added trail systems for Maumee, Richland Furnace and Pike State Forests.

Version 5.6.0 (4/5/14)

Misc routing corrections.
Misc POI updates and modifications.

Updated to match March2014 HM Maps for HM System in West Virginia:
Pocohontas: Removed Black 85.
Indian Ridge: Changed 81 Red back to 81 black, changed 82 black to red.
Pinnacle Creek: Renamed 23 Green to 11 Green.
Little Coal: Flipped 55 Blue to 15 Green.

Version 5.5.0 (1/5/14)

Updated green trail color to be green and grey for better contrast in some ares that are on public land.

Added Spearhead Trails Mountain View Trail System.
Added VA counties to cover trail areas.

Added Public Land including National Forests.
Added National Forest Roads and (non-motorized) trails.
Updated every Hatfield McCoy trail, reclassifying existing trails to match current published standard and removing "closed" trails.
Updated Burning Rock system including removing closed trails and adding new trails (new trails on far "west" end).

Added state-wide non-motorized trails.
Added additional forest roads to TWRA managed lands.
Added state-wide public land.
Added cycle trails 81 and 82 in Cherokee NF.

Updated trail colors to match NF "difficulty" rating.
Added state-wide public land.

Added Land Between the Lakes boundary, roads and OHV system (Turkey Bay).

Version 5.2.0 (12/15/13)

Updated entire Ivy Branch system.
Removed closed trails on BearWallow (all trails east of parking area).

Version 5.1.0 (4/15/13)

West Virginia:

Little Coal
Reclassified: 18G to 52K; 56B to 52K; 60B to 56B; 12G to 56B; 10G to 60B;
Removed closed trails: 12G, 18G, 183O, 184O, 185O, 187O, 56B, 64B, 65B, 83K, 85K.


Buffalo Mountain
Added 171O, 181O (note these have not yet been verified on the ground).

Indian Ridge
Update 19G (Pinnacle Connector; not yet verified on the ground).

Added Golden Mountain Park

Version 5.0.0 (3/19/13)

Added Windrock & Royal Blue (TN).
Updated Burning Rock: Trails 30, 58, 26, 99 (added/updated).
Updated BearWallow: 10, 16, 23, 27, 28, 12, 70, 43, 69, 185 (updated, reclassified, added).
Pocahontas: Corrected trail number for Orange 135 on Pocahontas (was missing "5" in version 4.7).

Version 1.0.1 (6/20/12)

Development Release. Comprised of West Virginia ORV (version 4.7), Ohio ORV (version 2.0), as well as unreleased Tenneessee and Kentucky ORV Maps. Moving forward, updates to any of the areas covered will be in this "area" map instead of individual States.

Version 1.0.0 (4/4/12)

First Development Release. Comprised of West Virginia ORV (version 4.6), Ohio ORV (version 2.0), as well as unreleased Tenneessee and Kentucky ORV Maps. Moving forward, updates to any of the areas covered will be in this "area" map instead of individual States.

---- West Virginia ORV Previous History ----

Version 4.9.0 (11/19/12)

Updated Burning Rock: Trails 30, 58, 26, 99 (added/updated).
Updated BearWallow: 10, 16, 23, 27, 28, 12, 70, 43, 69, 185 (updated, reclassified, added).
Pocahontas: Corrected trail number for Orange 135 on Pocahontas (was missing "5" in version 4.7).

Version 4.7.0 (6/15/12)

Added new Pocahontas system in it's entirety.
Updated Trail 12 on Rockhouse system.
Added misc "outlaw" trails.
Added misc Food/Fuel (thanks to R Titzer for some of this data).

Version 4.6.0 (4/1/12)

Updated Trail 12, 19, 24, 32 and 34 on RockHouse.
Added more of the new Pocahontas system. Note this system will not open until May 31st - please do not ride before then. Note trail numbers for this system are not accurate.
Added misc "outlaw" trails.
Thanks to R Titzer for data.
Corrected inter-county routing errors.

Version 4.5.0 (11/25/11)

Updated map display to include thicker road lines (better visibility on most GPS units) and also added new color line for "outlaw" trails: thin red line with thick yellow border.

Updated 12 Green and 93 Black. Thanks to J Bryant for data.
Added misc outlaw trails.

Pinnacle Creek:
Added new single tracks: 119, 131 & 187
Re-enabled extreme 95/96/97; updated extreme 95 (re-route due to logging). Note 95/96/97 are still marked as "closed" on the ground, as they have been since 2009, though the Trail Authority is claiming them as open as of 11/15/11.
Added misc outlaw trails.

Buffalo Mountain:
Added new single tracks: 184, 164, 147, 149, 177, 178 and 191.
Added new extreme 97.
Added new black 90.
Added new blue 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29.
Added new green 22 and 30.
Added misc outlaw trails.

Burning Rock:
Closed Trails: 14, 16, 19, 22 & 26 Green; 77 & 96 Black
Added New Trails:
7, 9, 25, 20, 29, 21, 23, 24, 28, 29, 27 Green
67, 35, 57, 44, 43, 55, 41, 45, 34, 31, 68, 33, 37 Blue
94, 80, 87, 73, 76 71, 87, 89, 82 Black

This system is not open as of date of publish. System will be directly southeast of Indian Ridge. Added trails to "outlaw" trail system.

Version 4.1.0 (11/17/10)

Added new trail 27 & 20, connector from Pinnacle Creek to Indian Ridge.
Added numerous "outlaw" trails.

Pinnacle Creek System changes (to match on-the-ground and official HM maps):
Removed closed extreme 95 & 96 (note trails are still posted closed on ground, but are still on official HM map).
Added old 23 blue back in, reclassified to 98 Black.
Reclassified portion of 23 Blue to 26 Green.
Reclassified 88 Blue to 88 Green.

Version 4.0.0 (11/25/10)

Map is fully routable for ORV trails, county roads, state highways (ie most public roads).

Reclassified Trail 86 from Black to Blue; closed portion of trail 16 Blue.

Pinnacle Creek:
Reclassified 88 Black to 88 Blue; closed portion of 23 blue

Updated trail number for 151 Orange (was 148); Reclassified 34 blue to 34 green.

Buffalo Mountain, Indian Ridge, Little Coal:

No longer need to disable other maps to see VVMapping.

Special Notes regarding routing:

Black and White (B/W) version of map is _not_ routable.
Routing parameters will not stay only on ORV-legal roads and trails, but is designed to prefer them.
Routing is designed to give most preference to green, then blue and least preference to black, red & orange.
Routing does not understand expressway on/off ramps nor one-way roads; may route to/from expressway at a point that does not have a ramp or against designated traffic flow - DO NOT FOLLOW GPS ADVICE!. Correcting this behavior is on the to-do list.
"Outlaw" and closed HM Trails do not route. See our Routing FAQ.

Version 3.0.0 (11/20/09)

RockHouse (formerly Browning Fork):

Renamed to match "new" system name; no other changes

BearWallow (formerly Dingess Rum):

Renamed to match "new" system name.

Removed from active system:
36, 25, 38, 37, 29, 67, 77, 98, 43, 46, 47, 99

10, 23, 27, 28, 70

Updated rating to current:
50 & 93 blue to black

Buffalo Mountain:

Added/Updated/Reclassified trails:
20, 21, 23 Green
35, 55, 56, 57 Blue
94, 95, 96, 99 Black
194, 132, 196, 182, 197, 186, 137, 199, 198, 195, 150 Orange

Little Coal River:

Added/Updated trails:
60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 Blue
183, 184, 185 Orange
83, 84, 86 Black

Renamed 292/294 to "new" 192/194
Removed trail 291

Pinnacle Creek:

Added Trails:
25 Blue
94 Black
95, 96, 97 Extreme

Indian Ridge:

Reclassified 78 Extreme to 78 Blue

Burning Rock:

Added Burning Rock system (70 miles of trails), note this is not part of the Hatfield McCoy system but is very similar in layout, design and riding experience. A separate, park-specific, permit is required.

Version 2.0.1 (11/6/08)
Updated custom trail color definitions to apply correctly in "night mode" on GPS.

Version 2.0.0 (10/31/08)
Complete update based on GPS recordings of entire trail system. Removed non-existant (ie "future") trails, corrected trails to match on-the-ground positions.
Added intersection points for all trails ("26-54" represents intersection of trail 26 and trail 54).
Removed transparent map product (the overlay map "Hatfield McCoy Transparent").
Added new map "VVMapping - West Virginia ORV B/W" to support legacy and non-color GPS units.

Version 1.9.0 (10/15/08)
Modified trails to display in color to match designation (ie blue for Blue Trails, Green for green, etc.). Trail name shows as Hwy number.

Version 1.0.6 (8/28/08)
Corrected error in map installation program.

Version 1.0.5 (8/5/08)
Updated trails for Pinnacle Creek; includes new trails and reclassification of existing.

Version 1.0.4 (8/4/08)
Updated to support latest Garmin MapSource (no map changes).

Version 1.0.3 (5/23/08)
Updated Browning Fork, Dingus Rum and Indian Ridge Trails to match current official maps.
Added Additional local roads & points of interest, thanks to Derrick W. for data & information.

Version 1.0.2 (4/4/08)
Technical correction of Indian Ridge Trail; map had trails improperly located by ~1500 ft.

Version 1.0.1 (2/8/08)
Updated trails for Dingus Rum per released HM Official Map.
Added new VVMapping - West Virginia ORV map which includes

Version 1.00 (11/23/07)
First full release.

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