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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the GPS maps have roads & stuff in them?

Yes. In fact our maps have detailed road information including visually identifying which roads are certified county roads (varies by product).

Do these maps cover the whole State of Michigan/Ohio/etc.?

Yes, all of the State is included with the map. Even urban areas without trails.

Can I change the trail color(s)?

No, there's not a way to change the color/display on the GPS units at this time.

Will these maps work with my GPS?

Probably if it's a Garmin unit that supports mapping - see our list. We are working on support for other brands.

Will my GPS hold all of the maps? How big of a card/how much memory do I need?

It will vary by product. Our maps are generally divided up by county-sized segments, allowing you to pick and choose how much is loaded to your GPS. We normally ship a 4GB memory card with the maps on them.

Why buy your maps when I can get all these free GPS maps off the Internet?

We believe in the old saying about getting what you pay for and with that in mind, we encourage you to check out the free stuff out there (we have links to many of them on our Free Maps page). If the free stuff meets your needs, that's great. We believe our maps are of higher quality, more complete and much more accurate. We also provide product support to ensure you get things working with your GPS, and that all of your questions are answered. To us, it's the details that make a big difference and those details set us apart. For example, our trails are named (or numbered) that match the trail name/number on the ground; trail intersections are marked, parking lots, gas stations are included; certified county roads are differentiated from private or forest roads and many more details that provide a better product for you.

How did you get the trail data for these maps?

We ride, all year long. 90% of our trail data is from our own personal riding and recording. Here's some video of a small fraction of our trail riding and GPS recording.



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